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As a Man of Influence, we're relying on you to be the driving force behind this year's movement. You use your influence to bring new guys in and get them involved in the movement. Just think how quickly this movement can spread if every Man of Influence calls a few men he knows. This movement has room for every lifestyle and change is what you want it to be, whether that's just donating, taking a leadership role as a Man of Influence or somewhere in between. The only requirement of Men for Change is that they embody the spirit of our Pledge.

How it works:

  • Join the Movement! Men join the movement by taking a pledge and making a $100 contribution to Crossroads Safehouse
  • Make a call to other men! There is power in numbers. We need your help to raise awareness for this important issue by reaching out to your network and inviting others to be a part of this movement
  • Create Change! Through education, standing as an ally and breaking the cycle of abuse, we as men can create a resounding message of “It’s time for change!” and actively work to end domestic violence.


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