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Personal Information



Phone Number

Street Address



Zip Code

Date of Birth

Place of Employment/Occupation

Experience Caring for Animals

Do you have any pets living in your home?

If yes, what type(s)?

If yes, do they get along with other animals?

If yes, please list your veterinarian's name and contact information

Are there children living in your home?

If yes, how old are they?

Please describe your home environment

Who will be the primary caregiver for the fostered pets?

What is your experience caring for animals?


Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

If yes, please explain

Have you ever been investigated for a domestic, animal, sexual, or child abuse offense?

If yes, please explain

Volunteer Commitment

How long do you plan to commit to being a volunteer at Crossroads?

Can you begin volunteering immediately?

If no, when can you begin?

Crosstrails Companions may foster pets for 2-9 weeks. Can you make that commitment?

Crosstrails Companions must pick up and drop off pets at the Safehouse. Do you have reliable transportation to do that?

Please list the types of pets you are willing to foster

Please list the types of pets you absolutely cannot foster

Please note that all prospective Crosstrails Companions must provide three references. Reference forms are available here.