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Men for Change is a social movement in northern Colorado that utilizes the collective impact of men in our community to create change--one man at a time. There is power in numbers, together men can have a powerful impact in preventing, and even ending, domestic violence by supporting survivors, educating themselves and others, being positive role models and making a call to other men to stand with them against domestic violence.


Since the movement started in 2014, business owners, community leaders, change-makers and men of all ages have come together to help Crossroads Safehouse create a community where every person lives in a safe environment, free from oppression with the opportunity to thrive. In the process, these men have raised more than $50,000 to help Crossroads Safehouse support victims and their children. 

Join the movement!

Current statistics show that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will be a victim of domestic violence during their lifetime.

As men - fathers, sons, brothers, husbands and partners or as a woman who wants to honor a man who has shown you the love and respect you deserve - you can have a powerful voice in the fight against domestic violence.

We are inviting you to take a stand and speak out against domestic violence. As a member of Men for Change your voice and donation of $100 or more to Crossroads Safehouse will be help to create change by:

  • Ensuring victims and children escaping abuse have a place to call home when home is no longer safe and provide them with the resources to reclaim their live
  • Breaking the cycle of abuse through positive role modeling and awareness building
  • Standing as an ally alongside the thousands of men, women and children in our community suffering at the hands of someone who is supposed to love them.


Take the Pledge!

As a Man for Change, I pledge:

  • TO STAND against domestic violence by neither participating in relationship violence nor tolerating it in others.
  • TO SPEAK UP even if it’s uncomfortable to stop sexist or abusive language, promote healthy relationships and support survivors.
  • TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE by taking a leadership role in modeling positive male behavior for other men and the next generation.
  • TO MAKE IT PERSONAL by checking my attitudes and beliefs about violence, power, control and entitlement.
  • TO EDUCATE myself and others on domestic violence and how we can all help.
  • TO SUPPORT Crossroads Safehouse in creating a community where every person lives in a safe environment, free from oppression with the opportunity to thrive.
  • TO SPREAD THE CHANGE by making a call to other men to join the movement and stand with me against domestic violence.