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62,000 Reasons to Give to Crossroads Safehouse

Each week, on average the Crossroads Safehouse helpline receives 30 incoming calls from victims of domestic abuse in need. With each call, comes a different story of abuse. Whether the abuse is physical, sexual, emotional, economic or psychological, every victim has a unique story behind their call for help.

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The course to healing, seeking safety and independence is never linear. Each story necessitates a different course of action. And that is where Crossroads Safehouse plays a pivotal role in the lives of so many.

For nearly 40 years, Crossroads Safehouse has provided a wide range of life-saving services to victims of domestic violence in Larimer County. Over the course of four decades, roughly 62,000 stories from victims including women, men and children have been shared with the Crossroads' staff.

62,000 Reason to Give to Crossroads Safehouse

With each story, the Crossroads Safehouse staff implements a wide variety of services to help victims of abuse get on the road to self-sufficiency, independence and safety. These services include 24/7 crisis intervention, emergency safehousing, advocacy and support groups, youth programming, legal advocacy and much more.

Stories of domestic abuse are never easy to hear. But when survivors have the courage to share their story of abuse and how they used the help of Crossroads Safehouse to make changes for the better, the impact can be powerful.

And that is why we wanted to share a few of the 62,000 stories with you.

Stories & Testimonials from Survivors

"A friend from church recommended Crossroads Safehouse to me when I was considering separating from my (then) husband.  I did not have a place to live, and I could not afford paying my bills and rent on my own. They recommended Crossroads to me as a safe place to be during the transition."  - Ms. Ryan

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"At the time that I talked to a counselor at Crossroads Safehouse, my life was in a terrible place. My husband and I were separating after months of abuse, and I was sleeping on friends’ couches and had nowhere to go."  - Ellen

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