Get to know Hill Grimmett - Crossroads Safehouse Business Operations Manager

For a long time, Hill Grimmett and his wife had been strong supporters of the Crossroads Safehouse program. Living nearby, they watched as the old Columbine Nursing Home transform into the new Crossroads facility. In 2017, Grimmett saw the job opening for his current position and knew that his skillsets would be a perfect addition to the team. For the past two years, Grimmet has helped oversee the entire financial management of the organization – which, for nonprofits is no small task!

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An update from the Crossroads Safehouse Board of Directors...

Earlier this year, the Department of Justice revised the definition of domestic violence to exclude all references to emotional and psychological abuse. The implemented changes severely limit the definition to only assume felony and misdemeanor crimes to constitute domestic violence.

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Crossroads Safehouse Bilingual Advocate Karen Cosio

Ladies Doubles Tennis Tournament Raises a Considerable Amount for Crossroads Safehouse

A group of tennis-loving women have come together to make a big difference for Crossroads Safehouse! At their annual Ladies Day Doubles Tennis Tournament, they raised over $27,000 for Crossroads Safehouse. This fundraiser was led by a committee of nine women including Helen Dungan, Eileen Heath, Sara Heskin, Peggy Johnson, Armelle Kesler, Jessica MacMillan, Trudy McCraken, Ingrid Parsons, and Diane Westlind. The Ladies Day Doubles Tennis Tournament brought together over 100 women who wanted to give back through the game of tennis.

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Crossroads Safehouse Bilingual Advocate Karen Cosio

Get to know Karen Cosio - Crossroads Safehouse Bilingual Advocate

1.) What brought you to Crossroads Safehouse? How long have you worked at Crossroads Safehouse?

After graduating college, I wanted to get reconnected with my main goal in life - helping people and my community. However, immediately after graduating college is not always the easiest time to make connections. After looking searching for jobs in the community, I found out that Crossroads Safehouse was looking for a bilingual advocate. I applied for the job, came to my interview and got the job. I guess Crossroads Safehouse wanted me to work here as much as I did. Now I will be completing my first year of working for Crossroads Safehouse and I could not be prouder to be part of such a wonderful team of people that care and work hard to help victims of domestic violence.

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Stacie Sutter, Crossroads Safehouse Legal Advocate & DART Program Coordinator

Get to know Stacie Sutter & the DART Program

When you join the Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART) at Crossroads Safehouse, it can feel like you are fighting crime by both day and night. The DART team is comprised of a team of staff and volunteers who are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet with victims of abuse, typically after the police are involved.

This is a team that Stacie is proud to help spearhead. During her early days with Crossroads Safehouse, Stacy joined the staff as a part-time employee working across several different programs. During this time, she was inspired to become more heavily involved as she was drawn to Crossroads Safehouse’s approach to providing advocacy and meeting victims where they are.

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Sarah Wooldridge, Crossroads Safehouse Youth Programming Specialist

Meet Sarah Wooldridge - Youth Programming Specialist

The impact of an abusive relationship often spreads well beyond the abuser and the victim. Often times youth can be overlooked when growing up in a household dealing with domestic violence. But not at Crossroads Safehouse.

Our services have programs available for youth to turn to and help them process, heal and simply be kids. Under the guidance of Sarah Wooldridge, a Youth Program Coordinator at Crossroads Safehouse, youth spending time in the shelter have a trusted outlet to turn to for help.

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Giants cornerback William Gay comes to CSU with a powerful message on domestic violence

"An 11-year veteran in the NFL, Gay has been through a lot to get to the highest stage in the sports world but losing his mother was by far the toughest. His story has led him to countless speaking events, including the Men for Change Luncheon in Fort Collins at the newly-named Canvas Stadium. More than 100 people, primarily men, came to the function to hear Gay's story." Read the full article.

'We see it everywhere': Domestic violence widespread in Larimer County

“I took the kids to Crossroads because I had no idea what was going on,” Myhre said. “I had no idea what to do. I was afraid that he would say, ‘This is all in her head. She’s crazy.’ But then the advocates said, ‘This is serious. This is dangerous. You need to know that this is domestic violence.'" Read the full article.

Children fill Fort Collins domestic violence shelter

"Not all of the 250 children who stayed at the Fort Collins domestic abuse shelter last year were marked by the hands of an abuser, but all have had to stitch their lives back together within Crossroads’ walls." Read the full article.


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June 27, 2018 - Crossroads Safehouse Hires Lisa Poppaw as New Executive Director